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Geert Tavernier wrote 3 publications about this subject.

  • The Orphan Acts of the Northern Quarter of the Liberty of Bruges that were registered in the period from 1659 to 1699.

  • The Orphan Acts of the Northern Quarter of the Liberty of Bruges that were registered in the period from 1700 to 1754.

  • The Orphan Acts of the Northern Quarter of the Liberty of Bruges that were registered in the period from 1755 to 1796.

    • This work provides an adaptation of the orphan records of the Northern Quarter of the Liberty of Bruges which were registered in the period 1762 to 1796. There is a gap between April 30th, 1794 till July 8, 1795 as the registers were temporarily deported to the Netherlands because of thread off the invasion of the French army (see note xx 57 in register 16515).

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      At the beginning of register 16490, we find the following interesting clue regarding the history of the orphan chamber of the Liberty of Bruges:

      "Op den xxiiien novembre 1663 is gheleydt den eersten steen van de nieuwe weesecamer door joncker Guilame De Fevre heere vander Helst etcetera, burghmeester in ’t oosten, present joncker Jan D’Overloop heere van Westackere schepen, d’heer ende meester Niclaeys Rommel greffier van de camer ende my onderschreven greffier van weesen, actum date alsvooren."
      On the xxiiie novembre 1663 iwas laid the first stone of the new orphan chamber by Sir Guilame De Fevre lord of Helst etc., maire in the east, present Sir Jan D'Overflow lord of Westackere ships, Mr. income master Niclaeys Rommel greffier of the camer-using my endorsed greffier of Weesen, actum date alsvooren. [Signature:] Audejans.

      VIDUaM noLIte ContrIstare; Jeremias, cap. 22°

      This passage refers to the country home of the Liberty of Bruges that was built. Apparently the Orphans Chamber isnot just an abstract concept, but this could also be taken literally as one of the rooms in the home country. The country house still exists and is located at the Burg in Bruges, and currently serves as the administrative center for the city of Bruges.

      Register Number Old Name Period in which the deeds were registered
      16490 Register Noord 1659 1659-1664
      16491 Register Noord 1659 1659-1664
      16493 Register Noord 1670 1670-1674
      16494 Register Noord 1675 1675-1678
      16495 Register Noord 1679 1679-1682
      16496 Register Noord 1683 1683-1688
      16497 Register Noord 1689 1689-1693
      16498 Register Noord 1694 1694-1699
      16499 Register Noord 1700 1700-1704
      16500 Register Noord 1705 1705-1710
      16501 Register Noord 1711 1711-1718
      16502 Register Noord 1719 1719-1726
      16503 Register Noord 1727 1727-1730
      16504 Register Noord 1731 1731-1738
      16505 Register Noord 1739 1739-1746
      16506 Register Noord 1747 1747-1754
      16508 Register Noord 1762 1762-1765
      16509 Register Noord 1766 1766-1770
      16510 Register Noord 1771 1771-1775
      16511 Register Noord 1776 1776-1779
      16512 Register Noord 1780 1780-1783
      16513 Register Noord 1784 1784-1786
      16514 Register Noord 1787 1787-1791
      16515 Register Noord 1792 1792-1796

      The Liberty of Bruges was one of the castellanies in the county of Flanders. It stretched around the city of Bruges. In the 18th century Liberty of Bruges was devidend into three quarters: the Northern, Western and Eastern District. These quarters were further divided into different 'Ambachten' (Eng: +Manor), which in turn comprn se one or more parishes.

      The Northern Quarter was organized as follows:

      Ambachter (+Manors) Parishes
      Oostkerke Oostkerke
      Dudzele Dudzele
      Lissewege Lissewege
      Uitkerke Uitkerke
      Zuienkerke Zuienkerke
      Meetkerke Meetkerke
      Houtave Houtave
      Nieuwmunster Nieuwmunster
      Vlissegem Vlissegem
      Klemskerke Klemskerke
      Bredene Bredene
      Oudenburg Oudenburg
      Zerkegem Zerkegem
      Jabbeke Jabbeke
      Snellegem Snellegem
      Zedelgem Zedelgem
      Loppem Loppem
      Varsenare Varsenare
      Straten Sint-Andries

      Source: Rijksarchief Brugge, Inventaris E. Vanden Bussche, Deel 2 (1884), Registers Brugse Vrije.